BMBC Registrations 2023

Junior Session July 9th-15th 9-13 years old (one week only! Register today!)

Senior Session July 16th-22nd 14-18 years old

Camp Billy Joe, Kenton, OK

Campers and their parents or legal guardians must agree to the permissions and release of liability written below.  Also they must disclose any pertinent medical information.  Please read the following carefully and include requested information in the boxes below.


Functions and Activities

It is my understanding that participating in the programs and recreational and other activities is a privilege. Prior to my child’s participation in such activities, I acknowledge there are certain risks associated with the activities, including, by way of example, physical injury due to activity-related accidents, physical injury due to transportation-related accidents, illness, or even death. In addition, I acknowledge there may be other risks inherent in these activities of which I may not be presently aware. I understand that Black Mesa Bible Camp may use photographs and recorded images of campers and staff with or without name for any lawful/non-profit purpose, including for example such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising and web content. I agree to allow my camper’s contact information to be published in a camp directory to be distributed to campers and staff.

Release of Liability

By agreeing to this Permission/Waiver Form, I expressly warrant that the child named above is capable of withstanding both the physical and mental demands of the activities discussed above. I also expressly assume all risks of the child participating in the activities, whether such risks are known or unknown to me at this time. I further release this organization and its leaders, employees, volunteers, and agents from any claim that my child may have or that I may have against them as a result of injury or illness incurred during the course of participation in the activities. This release of liability is also intended to cover all claims that members of the child’s or my family or estate, heirs, representatives, or assigns may have against this organization or its leaders, employees, volunteers, or agents. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless this organization and its leaders, employees, volunteers, or agents from any and all claims arising from my participation in its activities and programs, or as a result of injury or illness of my child during such activities.

First Aid and Emergency Medical Treatment

I recognize that there may be occasions where the child named above may be in need of first aid or emergency medical treatment as a result of an accident, illness, or other health condition or injury. I do hereby give permission for agents of this organization to seek and secure any needed medical attention or treatment for the child named above including hospitalization, if in the agent’s opinion such need arises. In doing so I agree to pay all fees and costs arising from action to obtain medical treatment. I give permission for attending physician(s) and other medical personnel to administer any needed medical treatment, including surgery and, again, I agree to pay for the medical treatment. I give permission to transport the child named above to a medical treatment center in a non-emergency vehicle in a medical emergency situation.

I represent that I am the parent/guardian of the above child, who is under 18 years of age.

I have read the Permission/Waiver Form above and am fully familiar with the contents thereof. I give permission for the child named above to participate in the activities of this organization, including any special events/activities. In consideration for allowing the participation of the child in these activities, I hereby consent to the Permission/Waiver Form, including the Release of Liability, on behalf of the child and agree that this Permission/Waiver Form electronically accepted by me shall be binding upon me, my family, heirs, legal representatives, successors, and assigns.

What to Bring

1. Bible, plus all Bible helps you can bring

2. Notebook and a pencil or pen

3. Toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, towels, deodorant, soap, comb, insect repellent, etc.)

4. All clothing must extend below the knees. No half shirts. Please check all slogans to assure that they are of a Christian nature. Immodest clothing will not be allowed

5. Bedding (pillowcases, sheets, blankets, or sleeping bag, and pillow)

6. Envelope and stamp

7. Plastic drinking cup (or 2)

8. Shoes and pants suitable for hiking

9. Flashlight

(Please write your name on all your belongings)

Camp Rules and Standards of Conduct

1. No one is permitted to leave the camp grounds without the permission of the camp director.

2. Cabins will be inspected for cleanliness each day.

3. Campers must not borrow anything from campers or staff.

4. Keep the camp clean.

5. Property deliberately damaged or destroyed will be paid for or replaced by the person responsible.

6. Camp life is group centered; there must not be any improper display of affection.

There will not be any splitting off from the main group. Boys need to stay away from the girls’ cabins, and girls need to stay away from the boys’ cabins`.

7. Do Not Bring: tobacco, alcohol, matches, fireworks, knives, firearms, radios, CD/tape/MP3 players, electronic games, cell phones, computers, tablets, extra cash, soda pop, candy, or gum.

8. Vulgar and profane language will not be permitted.

9. Any visitors of the campers or staff must check in with the director and follow the same rules as everyone else.

10. All rules will be obeyed by everyone (staff, campers, visitors) at camp, even on the last night.

I understand and will comply with the terms of payment. I have also read the rules and agree that my child will abide by them. If a camper refuses to obey camp rules, he/she will be sent home without a refund.

^^^ Please click “Submit” before proceeding to payment. *********************

You will need to fill out the above forms and agree to the terms for each camper that attends.  To reserve a spot send in your registration with your full fee OR $50 deposit now. You can pay with a credit card or debit card, you do not have to have a Paypal account.  If the fee is a financial hardship, contact a director or the board at to see about assistance available.

Thank you and we hope your campers enjoy Black Mesa Bible Camp in 2022!



$150 full session fee all campers



$50 registration deposit

To reserve a spot at camp, you can pay a $50 deposit, and pay the remaining $100 at camp.


If you would like to make a donation to BMBC, feel free to donate with the link below. You can also pay your camp fee with this link if you do not have a Paypal account. Thank you for your support!

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